Friday, 29 March 2013


Moreton Bay figs tend to have interesting root system above the surface of the ground.  Most of the time there is no apparent order to the shape of the roots but occasionally it is possible to isolate area of root that have graphic possibilities.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Rusty Anchor

This anchor sits on the foreshore at Rockingham beach and is surrounded by clutter.  In order to get a clean view it was necessary to shoot from close to ground level looking up.  For these situations I am glad that the viewfinder on my Olympus E-PL1 tilts up at 90 degrees.  The shot was taken late in the afternoon so the sun is low and picks out the surface texture nicely.  The lens used was a Panasonic 20mm f1.7.

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Welder and Pipes

Someone always seems to be building in Perth or in this case, laying some pipes.  I spotted the pattern made by the pipes but it needed something to lend some scale.  After waiting for a while a welder strolled past and completed the picture for me.

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Bark Patterns

Walking along St. Georges Terrace on the way to Kings Park, I noticed the wonderful colours and patterns of bark on a tree by the roadside.  The idea here is to arrange those patterns to make a pleasing picture and it's not quite as easy as it looks.


Sunday, 10 March 2013

M3A5 Grant Tank

The other half of todays walk was around the Army Museum in Fremantle.  WW2 amour is very attractive to my eye and I love the details such as rivets, hinges and the texture of castings.

Leeuwin In Fremantle

Wandering around Victoria Quay today I noticed an interesting looking sky beyond the Maritime Museum.  I lined up the Leeuwin with the building in the background and that glorious cloud.  To get to the appropriate vantage point I had to poke the lens through a fence.  Every other view looked cluttered in comparison.

Friday, 8 March 2013

What Makes A Photograph Work ?

I can't give an expert commentary to explain what makes pictures work, only what I see.  The picture below will be used as an example of how I would explain what works in this instance.

This a small detail of a large building;framing tight focuses attention on the area of interest.  The composition is mainly about geometry, the contrast between the horizontal and vertical lines and the radii.  The colour palette is limited to the red of the bricks and paint, and the neutral tones of the mortar.  Too many colours in a picture can be overpowering. Finally the texture of the bricks and peeling paint adds interest.

Walkabout Photography

A specific subject is seldom the objective when I go out taking pictures, I would rather walk in a relaxed way and just look for interesting forms, textures and colours.  The nature of the subject is not important, but to see beyond attaching a label to an object takes a bit of practise.   Our brain tends to avoid abstract thinking and must be gently forced to decompose a scene in front of us.

To keep the walk relaxed I prefer a compact camera; it keeps the weight to a minimum and the camera tends to be simple to operate freeing the mind to wander.  My camera of choice is the Olympus XZ-1 with a VF-2 viewfinder.  The viewfinder has a head that rotates 90 degrees allowing the camera to be placed on the ground or allowing you to shoot up the face of a building while looking forwards  The diameter of the lens is relatively small so that it can be poked through odd gaps or through fencing, permitting unusual perspectives.